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Election Officials Under Attack

The Secure Elections Network&The Brennan Center for Justice’sTurquoise Baker Presentation Slides Presentation Video The Attack on Election Officials began in the weeks preceding the November 2020 election based on the Big Lie that the election would be and then was stolen.   In the weeks prior to, during, and since the November 2020 election, local election officials have faced …

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How Bad Will It Get?

Disinformation campaigns… Active measures… Russian intrusion… Ballot Marking Device hacking… Armed goons stationed at polling places to intimidate in-person voters… Mail delays… Rejected ballots… What are we in for, in the coming electoral storm? There is cause for genuine concern. I just heard from a techie who attended a national security briefing on current intrusion/hacking …

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A Progressive’s Lament: Surrendering Down-Ballot Guidance

In one 24 hour period this past week I contacted the former treasurer of the DNC, a top researcher in a digital analytics company, a rep of National Indivisible and the co-founder of the Open Source Election Technology Institute. Their input underscores something irrefutable: THERE WILL BE NO PROGRESSIVE DOWN-BALLOT GUIDANCE IN ALL 50 STATES …

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