As Midterm Elections Loom, Elections Officials Express Fear

According to a Brennan Center for Justice report issued on March 10, 2022, 77% of elections officials believe that threats against election officials and their families are increasing. Previous Secure Elections Network webinar presenter, Turquoise Baker, and Ruby Edlin explain the dire situation. Thirty percent of election officials report knowing at least one official who has left their position because of threats. Equally troubling, sixty percent of election officials fear that threats, harass­ment, and intim­id­a­tion against local elec­tion offi­cials will make it diffi­cult to retain and recruit elec­tion work­ers. Our democracy depends on our apolitical election officials being able to continue to run safe and secure elections free of partisan influence. Nearly two-thirds of our current officials worry about partisan elected politicians attempting to influence the results of elections. Officials believe that all levels of government need to support their work through security and spending for elections moving forward. To read the entire report, please go to:

1 thought on “As Midterm Elections Loom, Elections Officials Express Fear”

  1. Marty Perlmutter

    Great summary of the problem.
    Pity that Congress (ie, the Senate – or more specifically – two obtuse and atavistic “Democrats”) chose not to pass legislation that would have protected election officials from this idiotic and obscene behavior. Is there are more stark example of assaulting democracy than attacking election officials personally? I think not.
    Good work!

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